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Attacking a planet is one of the two ways to expand your empire; the other being exploring.

Viewing a Planet via the Map

To send a fleet from the map, click on a system in the map view. This will show you that system's page which lists all of its planets. Click on any of these planets to go to that planet's page where you can then press the "Attack Planet" button.

Viewing a Planet via the Target page

You can send a fleet to a specific planet without having to go through the map by using the "Target" page found in the "Military" section of your side navigation bar.

To do so, simply enter the coordinates in the form and press the "view" button. This will take you directly to that planet's page where you can then press the "Attack Planet" button.

Sending an Attack Fleet

When you click "Attack Planet" you will be presented with a form that lets you choose how many of each unit you want to send. The top of this page will show you how much gold it will cos to send the fleet as well as an estiamte of how much morale you will lose upon attacking. It will also show you how many ticks it will take for your fleet to reach its destination.

Some Notes:

  • Every 100 soldiers or droids you send need a transport to travel.
  • The morale cost may change by the time your fleet arrives, depending on changes to you and/or your target's empire.
  • After you send the fleet, you have to wait until it has arrived at its destination. You can see the status of your fleet in the Military page.

Triggering an Attack

Once your fleet has arrived you will be able to trigger your attack, where you will proceed to a page that describes your battle details and results.


You cannot attack planets in the following scenarios:

  • Players that are smaller than 35% of your networth are protected from your attacks.
    • In war, this limit is reduced to 25%.
    • If you have been attacked by this empire recently, the limit is removed completely
  • The home planets of other empires are protected from your atttacks.
    • This rule is waived if the empire has been deemed inactive.
  • An empire that is is blocked is protected from all attacks.
  • An empire that has lost 50% of its planets recently is protected from all attacks.
    • This protection is nullified once said empire takes offensive action.
  • If you run out of Fleet Morale, you will not be able to *trigger* your attacks until you regain Fleet Morale again.
    • You will still be able to *send* your fleets regardless of your avaialable Fleet Morale.

The Battle

Battles are divided into 3 phases: Air vs Ground, Air vs Air, and Ground vs Ground. To win a planet you must win the final phase.

Air vs Ground

Attacking bombers attempt to destroy defending lasers on the planet. Each bomber has a 10% chance to destroy a laser.

After the bombers attack, any remaining lasers shoot down attacking transporters and then attacking bombers. Each laser will destroy 10 units.

Note that if you are successful in your attack (and the defender is 70% of your networth or higher) and "destroy" any existing lasers, those lasers will remain intact.

Air vs Air

Attacking and defending fighters combat each other. The maximum amount of attacking or defending fighters that can be destroyed is 30%. If the numbers on each side are equal, losses will be about 5% on each side. If there are enough defending fighters left after combat, they will have the chance to shoot down attacking transports. Up to 100% of transports can be destroyed by defending fighters.

Air vs Ground

The third and final phase is the ground fight. The result of this phase will determine the overall victor.

Any attacking transports that have survived will land and deploy attacking ground units. After ground units are destroyed, the empire with more ground units remaining will win the battle.

If the defender is successful, the planet does not change ownership.

If the attacker is successful, one of the following will happen:

  • If the defender has a networth of 70% or more of the attacker, the attacker will take control of the planet with all buildings intact (including any lasers).
  • If the defender has a networth of 35%-70% of the attacker, the attacker will take control of the planet but all of the buildings will have been destroyed.
  • If the defender has a networth under 35% of the attacker, the attack will NOT take control of the planet. Rather, the planet will become uninhabited and avialable for exploration by any player.

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