Pirates of the Galaxy

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Milky Way Beta 4 family based in Sector 3 (upper part of lower-left sector). Family was based nearly entirely of newbies with little experience, yet came together quickly during expo phase and was a top 10 family for a while. Their leader, da Godfathers, was a top explorer as a self-supporting player and also the first one to be attacked in the family. The others rallied around him and quickly made the aggressor retreat. da Godfathers passed leadership on to another worthy player not long after, however, the title of captain would be forced upon him twice more during the round.

The Tortuga Nebula Thugs made contact with the Pirates and welcomed them to the galaxy as another pirate-based fam, which was much-appreciated.

The most notable-event of the family was their secret role in the Guardians of War fiasco as organized by Smaug. da Godfathers had given some planets to Enterprise - a member of the already-legendary Harkonnens - whom was a close friend. He was in turn attacked by Mount Olympus which was the top family at the time. Quickly many of the other Harks made the long journey to that part of the galaxy and a show-down between the two fams seemed at hand. The Guardians of War were a conglomerate of families that stated publicly that they would target any player or families that dared to interfere with either side of the conflict. (While illegal even then, similar things were common as part of the Code of Honor many players followed during the beta rounds.)

Unfortunately, Mount Olympus fell apart at nearly the same time and no war happened. Instead the Harks were left with little to do in that sector, other than going after High Heavens. With the introduction of vacation mode that round, and few rules governing it, High Heavens used it extensively to make quick attacks and then duck into vacation mode which prohibited any attacks. Such tactic became commonly known as High Heavens Mode and was changed in later rounds to prevent such abuse of the vacation mode.

The Pirates of the Galaxy after being decimated by Mount Olympus - the only war they lost that round - the near total disbandment of the their best ally and a brief mutiny by late joiners to the family, still managed to make a late rise back up the ranks and finished 21st in size. During the beta rounds, families had fewer players but were much more numerous - with 100 families in a single galaxy being the norm. Due to a combination of bad map placement and the defection of players to other families, the Pirates, now under a different name fared much worse the following round and quickly became one of the many forgotten families of IC lore.