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In the Imperial Conflict universe, there are 5 big races fighting for dominance. Each have weaknesses and strengths. There are also many small races who only control a single empire.

Your empire's dominant race will determine the following:

  • bonuses and penalties
  • available spells and operations
  • unit and building availability

You can choose between 5 predefined races or create a Custom Race. Predefined races are recommended for first time players.

Predefined Races

The descriptions below are only a summary. Please see their specific race pages for more information.

  • Partaxian
    • primary focus in magic
    • secondary focus on income and research
  • Wardancers
    • primary focus on attacking
    • secondary focus on research and magic
  • Quantam
    • primary focus in research
    • enjoy several other stat boosts
    • suffer from a magic stat penalty
  • Camaar
    • primary focus on attack with an extremely high speed bonus
    • suffer from several stat penalties
  • Revalons
    • primary focus on income
    • secondary focus on research
    • suffer from attack and magic penalties