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You can invest research into 5 difference science categories:

  • Military: increased attack strength, increased defense strength
  • Welfare: increased maximum population
  • Economy: increased income.
  • Construction: cheaper buildings and units faster building - Construction Bonus: Cost = NormalCost/(1+(ConstructionScience%/100%))
  • Resources: increased resource income.

You can change the allocation split however you'd like, given that the total equals 100%. These settings will direct future research into the desired areas.

Research Centers

Research Centers on your planets contribute research points every turn.

Direct Funding

You also have the option to fund research directly with gold. Gold in the research fund will be consumed at 10% every hour. The consumed gold is converted to research points.

  • Every GC adds 1 RP
  • Research race bonus gets multiplied with the 1 GC meaning a 50% bonus makes 1 GC worth 1,5 RP.
  • You deposit an amount of GC's into the research and it cannot be taken back.

Race Bonuses

Your empire's race may affects how many research points these methods produce via the research bonus, which scales from -30% to +50%.