The "Dark Reign vs Vjun Cluster" War

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Dark Reign vs Vjun Cluster War

Same story in the original beta 1 IC forum style: Dark Reign vs Vjun Cluster War

Second to challenge the Harkonnens for Galactic domination, and lead in NW, was Hells Will. However, Starstrike, who had moved into 6th place, managed to declare war before the Harkonnens were prepared to do so. As close neighbours, Starstrike and Hells Will had had previous interactions, and both players led their families into war.

Declaration of War

Starstrike, Jul 29th:

In week 49 of 3012 a Starstruck wizard appeared in Hells Will's court, to find him sleeping on his throne.

"BOO!" Frightened out of his boxers, Hells Will rebounded off the ceiling back onto his throne. "What, what, who are you?"

"Nauseating leader of Hell, President Starstriker of Starstrike is disgusted by your claim to be the most powerful empire in this galaxy! Since you will not surrender, your military will be crushed, your people incinerated and your name removed from all school history books in the Starstrike Empire."

"I, I... not that! Anything but the history books!"

"We will destroy, crush and maim for one standard year. If in that time you continue to colonise our rightful land, then I'll be back!"

Amid Hells Will's indignant blustering and feverish attempts to cover his royal jewels, Starstrike's head wizard snaps his fingers - and disappears in a puff of smoke

All across Starstrike turbines roar as the space fleet prepares for war. Last minute adjustments optimise the fighters' performance. Pilots race for their ships. Star-News managed to get a last minute interview with Commander Starlover, son of President Starstriker and Supreme Commander of Starstrike's air fleet. Confident of victory, he predicts Hells Will's fighter fleet will roll over and play dead, based on a prophesy from his pet cat Felix. Besides, he whispers conspiratorially, even if they do come out of their holes and show their noses, we have a secret weapon they could never defeat!
In his last words before stepping into his fighter, Commander Starlover dedicated this battle to his gentle and most loved mother, Lady Starcrusher.

With the morale of Starstrike's army in shatters after their inglorious defeat Dancing on Blades, General Starshirker was been dismissed by President Starstrike (At the point of a laser rifle, or so rumours suggest). His funeral will be held in the Capital Salt Cellar of Starstrike, in week 50 of 3012. All citizens are encouraged not to attend.

On temporary loan from one of Starstrike's glorious allies, General C-3PO (former protocol droid of Princess Organa-Solo) will personally lead thousands of droids to battle. Fluent in six million languages, C-3PO is certain of victory. "I expect that I will perform superbly in my new position" he states. "Indeed, I would even presume that my military skills will be as successful at winning wars, as my diplomatic skills have been in creating them". His confidence is extremely reassuring to millions of Starstruck citizens.

An Offended Observer

Altruists, Jul 29th:

I have just started my first attacks upon Hells Will, some successful and one was my first failed one.
And now I am supposed to stand aside?
Well, I fear I must do so as Starstrikes asks for. What a pity? And I am so bored...

So, Hells Will, I will cease my attacks upon you for a while.

First Blood

Starstrike, Jul 29th:

Details from the battlefront remain sketchy. However it appears that due to a breach of the fabric of space-time, 6 of Hells Will's portals did not come off-line when expected. Starstrike forces, expecting little resistance, came up against the full might of Hells main fleet. The survivors managed to limp home, leaving 10,000 crashed fighters and over 15,000 burnt out droids behind.

Later attacks have been more successful for Starstrike forces. Commander Starlover's cat personally led Starstrike forces to their first victory over enemy airspace; five planets have since been liberated from Hell. No response has yet been forthcoming.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, soldiers from the Land of Dorkos annihilated heretical Cortan forces in some of the most bloody fighting of the war.

More news coming up...

Mage Extraordinare

Lohern, Jul 29th:

Deep in the catacombs of the main fortresses of Lohern thousands of mages await their orders. They have long since planned their strategic magic strikes against the combined forces of Dark Reign, all save Hell's Will himself.

A few are gathered around a rather large crystal ball 10 feet in diameter. As they peer into the enormous ball, they can see the forces of our hero, Starlover's cat, gloriously leading thousands upon thousands of droids into battle against Hell's Will, who has lulled himself to sleep on his oversized throne.

In another part of the fortress, a large number of wizards are hastily putting the last touches on their Force Fields around the feeble empires of Dark Reign.

Atop the throne sits archmage Luke, who thirsts for first blood. He cast vision and peers into his sceptre. His forces still await the completion of the force fields. 'Drat,' He mutters, 'it is hard to wait!'

Dark Reign Responds

Hells Will, July 29th:

Lord Killer, reads this forum with a sign of relief...

I logged on today expecting to only see a few attacks by the EVIL Altruists. Instead I saw both of you gang banging me....

And now having read this thread I am somewhat relieved... For while Starstrike is a strong adversary, it beats having to take on the EVIL Altruists at this point. So at least I have a really small chance of living another week :(


Starstrike, Jul 30th:

Battlefront news is grim. All but one of Hell's captured planets have been retaken. Two planets captured from Dark Reign by Land of Dorkos were also retaken by Hell, a clear refusal to abide by [the suggested rules of war].

Over 55,000 soldiers from Hell have been slaughtered; around 35,000 Starstrike droids share their fate - though half of those fell in the first minutes of war.

Casualties amongst the fighter fleets of both sides are smaller in number, but thousands of pilots have nonetheless died.

Spells continue to roam unabated over Dark Reign, while Vjun Cluster agents have been granted temporary leave. Even now transports continue to ferry troops to the fighting zones, while hyper drive-equipped droids race to station on planets.

The Starstrike military continues growing despite its losses, but tactical considerations prevent its full force from being wielded at this time. The forces of Hell, our advisers predict, are rebuilding their losses, but not yet growing in size. In the long term Vjun Cluster will clearly reign supreme, but for now, death will continue to be the only victor on the battlefield


Hells Will, Jul 31st

Well, I'm doing pretty good considering...

  • Altruists destroyed all my hydros(over 12k) a few days ago... [Ed: this was a mistake, Starstrike agents were in fact responsible for the dirty deed]
  • Both Altruists and Starstrike together slaughtered my ENTIRE army(10-15k fighers DEAD, 60-70k soldiers DEAD) early this morning...

But my hard-working starving 14mil people rebuilt most of my army. And now all but one planet in my family's "Domain"(31-40,1-9) is still under Vjun control. I'm awaiting one of my smaller guys to take out the Land of Dorkos this time, so Starstrike stops whining:)

Now I'm back to digging trenches, waiting for Starstrike's next wave of invaders...

The Final Wave

Starstrike, Jul 31st

A glimpse of the recent action:
Felix seems to be out of a job

The attacking forces were relieved when they didn't have to fight any laser turrets
Air fight
There are no defending fighters on the planet
The final phase, ground fight
0 attacking soldiers ate lead from de defenders
2981 attacking droids malfunctioned
17282 soldiers died in the fight to defend the planet
0 droids failed in their program to defend the planet
0 soldiers died on the planet they were stationed to defend
0 stationed droids failed in their program to defend the planet
Attacker win!

A wave of terror sweeps across the lands of Hell.

Bombs crash down amid the streets of the living.

Droids wander through the streets of the dead.

General C-3PO personally inspects the remains of one of many char-grilled ex-planets of Hell.

Walking through the rubble of the ruins, something stirs, a piece of rubble begins to overturn!

"Oh no! We're doomed. We're Doomed!" C-3PO wails, moments before triple lasers from C-3PO's escorting guards vaporise the last surviving cockroach on the planet.

"I told you so!" Commander Starlover told this reporter. Felix predicted we would win. But did anyone listen? Did anyone listen! NO! They all think I'm crazy, that Felix doesn't talk to me, that...."

Until the next war, Commander Starlover will spend his time perusing personal ads searching for foreign Princess' to fall in love with. President Starstriker supports the idea. "He really needs some feminine company. Everyone knows what they say about someone who only gets along with felines..."

Undoubtedly Starstrike has won a massive victory. The Empire of Hell has been reduced to 46 planets; over 25 have been captured for Starstrike's use. Even now portions of the Starstrike fleet head off to capture yet more land; but diplomats seek a peace deal with Hells Will. They offer the promise of an end to war, providing Hells Will accepts the status quo.

New Dark Reign settlements in conquered solar systems will be allowed, President Starstriker concedes privately, but only providing no further attacks are made on Vjun Cluster forces in those systems. President Starstriker also seeks a NAP with a minimum of 12hrs cancellation time; and ideally would prefer a 48hr cancellation time. Non-settlement policies will be accepted only in those systems with no current Vjun Cluster presence.

Diplomatic reports from the Hell capital are mixed. Even now, the first Starstrike diplomats are arriving. Bookmakers are giving 2:1 odds against the acceptance of peace, but the only person who really knows whether war will end early is Killer of Hells Will himself.

The Brave End

Hells Will, Jul 31st:

This war was over before it started... I tried my best, but there's absolutely no way I could have ever won :(

I could still build another 50k soldiers and take half of those planets back... But then I'd just lose'm again, and you'd take even more...