The "Harkonnens vs Fist of North Star" War

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The Harkonnens vs Fist of North Star

Same story in the original beta 1 IC forum style: The Harkonnens vs Fist of North Star

In the first few weeks of the round the Harkonnens held on to their lead. However, after they changed to cash factory and military strategies, a number of other players were to catch up. The first player to challenge, then surpass both Universal Mob and Altruists was Dance of Blades. However, he was shortly to be cut down to size ...

War is Declared !!!

Altruists, Jul 26th:

Already early in the game both families had not only agreed upon a NAP but also on a major war later on.

Then, in the year 3010, 40th week, a Harkonnen messenger showed up at the HQ of Dance of Blades, leader of the Fist of North Star:

"Leader of this decadent horde of star hoppers!
I shall bring you the best greetings from the Harkonnens:
May your system's sun disrupt into a nova!

for this Dance of Blades had only a tired smile
And here something personal for you: your mother...
your mother ha! she can't... cook!
at this Dance of Blades jumped up ready to kill the messenger
Wait! I am not finished yet...
Even though we now already grieve
for the millions of killed people on your planets *evil grin*
we, the Harkonnens, just can't stand any longer your presence
in what is rightfully our sector of the galaxy.
Therefore we decided to wipe out this pestilence called Fist of North Star.
Thus, now we formally declare war upon you." <p> Finished with his speech then the messenger tried to slap the leader of Fist of North star with a white glove (obviously filled with nails) but was shot before by Dance of Blades... "My mother... my mother can cook very well."

Preparation for War ...

Altruists, Jul 26th:

Whole star systems are busy drafting thousands of soldiers, hammering everywhere to produce the last transports, fighters noisily flying their last training manoeuvres and in dark corners agents are secretly grouping together. Even wizards are using the last hours of preparations to sort out their usual chaos of manuscripts and try to find their meanest spells.

The Outbreak

Altruists, Jul 26th:

[In response to the accusation that the Harkonnens were spell casting early]
We didn't say anything about spells not happening before week 18

War starts in:

Sir !!!
all fighters have started
bombers are on their way
soldiers & droids trying to find seats in transports


shortly afterwards.....

Attacking Forces completely surprised to find no Portal:

Battle over ELFDONIA in 16,35
Ground against air
0 bombers crashed from the defenders ground fire
11 fighters got hit by enemy ground fire and crashed
0 transporters failed to avoid the defenders ground fire
50 laser turrets got annihilated from above by the attacking forces
Air fight
2 bombers crashed from defending stationed fighters
32 fighters lost dogfights against the defending stationed fighters
2 transporters didn't manage to hide from defending fighters stationed on the planet
100 fighters stationed as defence on the planet were shot down by the attacking air forces
The final phase, ground fight
0 attacking soldiers ate lead from de defenders
26 attacking droids malfunctioned
0 soldiers died in the fight to defend the planet
0 droids failed in their program to defend the planet
300 soldiers died on the planet they were stationed to defend
0 stationed droids failed in their program to defend the planet
Attacker win!


Universal Mob, Jul 27th:

week 40, 3010: NAP with Dance of Blades ends - War preparations start

week 16, 3011: Secret magic coup against Dance of Blade uncovered. Many wizards caught and executed.

week 18, 3011: War breaks out! Altruist forces move to take over the first planets from Fist of North Star. Our military still mobilizing. Godfather Galactic enraged about the laziness of his admirals.

week 21, 3011: First skirmish attacks against Dance of Blade launched. Operations are failures, but losses minimal. Godfather Galactic replaces High Fleet Commander Virkox with Admiral Enuro.

week 23, 3011: VICTORY!!! Mobster forces conquer planet from Dance of Blades in 16,32 system. Losses on both sides are enormous. Godfather Galactic gets royal hangover.

week 24, 3011: Another planets falls to Mobster forces!

Next Press Release

Altruists, Jul 27th:

Harkonnen invasions all over the territory of Fist of North Star!

ELFDONIA and Warp loosing 5 planets!

Where is Dance of Blades? Will he come out of his deeply dug trenches?

Harkonnen troops continue assaulting planets to fight back their rightful places in the rankings!

After getting really mad about the laziness of his fleets, finally Altruist's fleets reach Dance of Blades:

Ground against air: no lasers
Air fight: no defending fighter
The final phase, ground fight
57 attacking soldiers ate lead from de defenders
9047 attacking droids malfunctioned
22460 soldiers died in the fight to defend the planet
0 droids failed in their program to defend the planet
0 soldiers died on the planet they were stationed to defend
0 stationed droids failed in their program to defend the planet
Attacker win!

DISASTER for "Fist of North Star"!

Altruists, Jul 27th:

Harkonnens claim victory after victory!

So far the Harkonnens conquered about 23 planets from Fist of North Star. Dance of Blades alone lost about 15 planets. The Harkonnens lost no planet at all!

Universal Mob happily grinning all the time. After having slaughtered the soldiers of Dance of Blades on 11 planets, he says: "Gee, even me is starting to have problems standing hip deep in the blood of the killed. But well, it's not easy to be a true Harkonnen."

Altruist must had been fallen asleep in his HQ after having conquered 8 minor planets and 4 planets of Dance of Blades. After discovering that his highest Admiral also sleeps, he executes him and tells Mob via Galaxy-Com: "If you continue for much longer trying to be a true Harkonnen, there will be nothing left of Fist of North Star... hmm, tempting thought... anyway, let's offer them peace."

Here is our peace proposal:
1) Dance of Blades admits that his mother can't cook.
2) "Happy" neighbouring and no immediate reconquering of all your planets.
3) We now share 2 systems with each other and thus would go back to what was before the war: no attacks without 30h-before-warning time.


Universal Mob, Jul 27th:

Week 34, 3011: 8 planets in the system 16:32 now controlled by forces of Universal Mob.

Week 35, 3011: 4 planets taken from Fist of North Star in system 16,32.

Week 36, 3011: 7 planets taken from Fist of North Star in system 16,32.

Week 36, 3011: The remaining 5 planets taken from Fist of North Star in system 16,32.

Thoughts of a victor

Universal Mob Jul 27th:

Planet Viraxis in system 16,32; week 37, year 3011.

This planet was the last one that fell to the fleets of Universal Mob in the war.

High Fleet Commander Eruno walks on a road leading to the planet´s capital Viro City. Dark clouds of smoke cover the sky. The stench of neutrino-napalm fills the air. The planets landscape is painted in gloomy colours.

The vicinity of the city had been secured by mobster forces all resistance was broken. Eruno was save from the enemy, yet he felt an uncomfortable chill, as if behind each bush were a horde enemy partisans hiding and leaping at him any second to massacre him.

It wasn´t the enemy that caused this sudden chill. The enemy was crushed, bashed into the ground, mass bombed with neutrino-napalm. His population was killed in millions. His once shiny and wealthy cities are now charred and lie in rubbles.

Eruno was the man that caused all this. A young and extremely ambitious general in the fleet of Universal Mob. He rose to the rank of High Fleet Commander, the supreme commander of all forces in the Universal Mob oimperium when the war broke out and Virkox, an old, yet inexperienced commander was unable to even mobilize the fleet. His orders from Godfather Galactic, "WIN THE WAR!"

That´s what he did. With an unmatched aggressiveness he pursued to weaken the fleet of Dance of Blades. His first victories caused many casualties on both sides, but they were decisive victories and he was celebrated as a hero in the empire of Universal Mob. With each of his fast, persistent and devastating attacks he managed to weaken the opposing forces more and more. Of course other members of the Harkonnens family also participated in attacking the empire of Dance of Blades, and contributed much to the victory, but the most and biggest attacks were carried out by Universal Mob and High Commander Eruno.

In the end the Harkonnens family saw, that they would win the war they started and they offered peace to the enemy. But the Juggernaut was not to stop before he finished his mission. On his final attack, already knowing about the peace negotiations, he refused to accept a transmission from his emperor Godfather Galactic who wanted this attack ceased. "The Universal War Code states that transmissions to a fleet immediately before an attack are prohibited and have to be seen as void by the fleet commander. This is to ensure that the enemy doesn´t get to know about the attack plans or to follow forged messages sent by the enemy. Even the emperor has to obey the law!", he said.

He moved on to destroyed 5 more planets and killed 1.5 Million people. Now he stands here, on this ruined planet and looks into the face of his own military masterpiece. Black dust has penetrated his lungs. He nervously turns when he heard a sound behind him. He slipped and fell to the ground. Only a squirrel. But he had landed on top of a terribly distorted corpse. BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD! It was everywhere! On his fingers, on his clothes, in his trousers, on his shoes, in his face. He was struck by a never before known fear. He struggled to stand up and started running. Was he in hell? Was this the end? Would he grow insane? Would the souls of the people he killed hunt him forever? Was that what he did wrong, an insane crime? Or was it right and he should rather be in his flag ship and celebrate his victory instead of stumbling around on this planets burned surface.

What will happen to him in the future?
Will he end as a mad jerk in a sanitary ("I am Eruno, I conquered the richest star system in the universe and killed 8 Mill people." - "Oh, yeah! Here meet Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Hitler!").
Will he be sentenced to death before a court martial? (In the end he has many influential people who hate and envy him.)
Will he be relieved from his guilt and become a famous and highly respected member of the galactic society?

The future is uncertain......