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Imperial Conflict, commonly referred to as IC, is a free online browser-based massively multiplayer online strategy game set in space. Players interact with thousands of other players in a quest to "Rule The Galaxy".

Brief Game-Play Guide:

Once you've signed up you'll be able to login and "Join a Galaxy".

This where you select the Galaxy and game-play type you want.

For new players it's recommended to avoid any kind of "Hard-Core" Galaxy as these don't have any of the protections of normal Galaxies.

New players are recommended to first join a Galaxy such as Manthano.

Manthano is slightly different to other Galaxies as there is no attacking and it's a very friendly environment to help you learn the game.

Once you've joined a Galaxy you then work together with your Family to make Gold & resources, explore new planets and even war against other families.

This is the Basic "TL;DR" of IC, for more in-depth information please read the guide.

IC history:

Imperial Conflict was created in mid 2000 by 2 Swedish progammers, Stefan and MasterMike. The story goes that they set out to create the game because were both tired of the Utopia gaming community, citing dull gameplay and inactive admins.

In 2016, Stefan agreed to sell IC to one of its players and former volunteer developers, I_like_pie.

IC has won MPOGD Game of the Month twice. Once in November 2000, and again in November 2003.

Imperial Conflict is one of 3 games created and owned by Collective Minds Interactive. The other two are Dragon Lords and Final Conquest.

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