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One of the greatest wars in IC's history, the Donut Rumble took place in Round 1 of Milky Way. As a treat to celebrate IC making it out of the betas Stefan designed a very ... interestingly shaped distribution of systems. Of MW's 9 sectors the middle and corners had no systems (barring two lone ones near the centre of the galaxy). This gave rise to a "donut" shape leading to the popular name of this war, the Donut Rumble.

Ultimately two of the biggest tri-alliances in the galaxy had a NAP, and attackers began to trade and sneak into having shares with each other. Massive savings were had, and the NAP was cancelled. Tick, tock, tick, tock... The NAP expired and the two jumped massive fleets and crashed into each other doing horrendous damage. For a while during this war one of the tri-alliance chats was larger than #general on IRC.

Members of both sides posted role-play-esque stories of the fight in the Universal News forum, providing entertainment for all. This habit has since fallen out of favour in IC, and is almost unheard of. Scared Stiff (Tsu, Cata), BETA (Ara) and Cosmos

Participating families

Scared Stiff, BETA and Cosmos versus The Good, The Bad and The Ugly which was an alliance between the Spaceborne, the Harkonnens and Tortuga Nebula Thugs


1. A terrible miscalculation

While the NAP was slowly ticking out, No 42 made a interesting discovery while beeing on the Pirate-o-phone with Captain Morgan: The enemy alliance miscalculated the exact date of expiration, giving the pirates and their allies to "jump" and strike their enemies while they had their pants down.

Live from IRC Chat

Hal-Courtney> cata get in chat

<Hal-Courtney> asap

<Hal-Courtney> cata !!!!!

<Marie> I have the prog Peter uses to get to exodus

<Hal-Courtney> 10-11-46 get in chat now!!!! RED Alert!!!

  • No_42 takes his saber and cuts Hal-Courtney 's hand off.

<No_42> Harrrr!

<No_42> We get You!

<No_42> Harr!

<Tsurra> hehe this is exciting...

2. M.I.A. in the "Real World"

2. The The Good, The Bad and The Ugly alliance mage specialist from the Spaceborne is hunted by a armed madman with a gun in real life, who somehow got the information that the poor IC player was dating with his ex-girlfriend. This fact made sure that he could not log in and perform any spec-ops during the first attacks of 10 & 11.

3. Raiding stinks!

The Spaceborne attacker Erehwon forgets to hide his fighter fleet and looses it during a shower to superior forces.