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The IC Map Generator was a Windows program written by Maloeran, the same player who went on to create Ectroverse.

The IC Map Generator would take user-generated map files, based on scrapings of Imperial Conflict's HTML, and turn them into a more sophisticated visualization of the map than was available in-game at the time.

It was once a commonly-used tool to determine system shares, one-tickers, and as a means to format planet lists.

In late 2012/early 2013, Stefan released a drastic update to the game map. Although not exactly the same as The IC Map Generator, it provided similar functionality and seemed to have taken at least a few design cues from Maloeran's work, although not without its own usability issues.

In May 2017, I_like_pie released a re-written map, even closer to Maloeran's original vision but also with its own shortcomings.

The IC Map Generator, along with silenz.org, is one of the most clear examples of how player contributions have heavily influenced how Imperial Conflict has been played over the years, in some circumstances even more so than changes from the actual developers.